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 Adobe Lightroom is the result of attracting professional photography community in a whole new way to help you remove the fatigue with the features of the new tool is designed exclusively for you. Finally, we want Lightroom is a reliable tool built from photographers, and for photographers, a program to help you solve a series of the most challenging jobs.

Adobe Lightroom
, is built for the professional photographer. This is an effective program, strong to import, select, develop and demonstrate a large number of digital photos.
Adobe Lightroom will help you reduce the time to organize and arrange the photos, so you have more time to shoot and make the shots become more perfect. Lightroom program aims to get direct feedback from the photography community, visit Adobe Labs Web site so that you get a clearer view of what Adobe has done

 Moreover, Photoshop allows you to create the layer where your edits really happening. The illustration above shows a lot of layers to be created with the various independent editing. This is a challenge for those who are beginners, especially uncommon for photographers to use dozens of layers when editing images.

However, Lightroom though simple in nature when not using the layer, but little more editing tools and also less flexibility

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the first software that great color, very suitable for wedding photography Photographer and want to retouch photos to color add shimmer. Lightroom has the way that Photoshop does not have color, and of course Lightroom for quick color correction is still faster. Most importantly, easy to use than Photoshop Lightroom.

The new version of Photoshop Lightroom 5 Improved Healing Brush feature allows the user to restore / delete / copy the image details according to complex shapes and how to choose areas to copy details more flexible now. Upright new feature will automatically analyze and correct the distortions in the image - for example, when shooting with the camera is tilted, the optical distortion caused by lens - with just a single click. Users will save a lot of time over having to adjust each direction, each parameter one. New tools in Lightroom 5 Radial Filter is supported to highlight the subject easily by creating a vignette effect (reduced brightness and contrast) for one or more regions of the image.

Not only that, new features of Lightroom 5 Smart Previews will help greatly to manage massive photo libraries. It will create the image size from the original files, which reduces required storage space on the HDD / SSD, so you can leave the original files in the hard drive in the left. Photos of "preview" can still be modified, change metadata, and when a user connects to a computer hard drive removable, Smart Previews will automatically apply it to refine the original image. Users will have the option to create Smart Preview when importing photos into your library.

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